As a social enterprise, Ferry Project earns its income like any other business, reinvesting all profits back into the services we provide.

Ferry Project, a subsidiary of Luminus, is a social enterprise running a range of self-sustaining accommodation through the winning of contracts, rent and social enterprise activity throughout the charity.

Ferry also applies to grant making trusts to fund the much needed emergency night shelter. This runs 365 nights a years and relies on grants to continue the life changing work the project offers. Without the generosity of such trusts, there would be many more people facing desperation and finding the streets their home, once again. Find out more on the emergency night shelter.

We also seek funding to support new ventures and with unforeseen costs such as large repairs and improving the services with offer.

To read see more about those that have supported us, click here.

"When the Ferry Project reached out to us in 2004, we saw an opportunity to support and nurture a like-minded organisation.”
Nigel Finney, Executive Director, Luminus

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If you wish to support the important work we do in changing and saving lives in Wisbech, please see our donations section.