As a social enterprise, Ferry Project earns its income like any other business, reinvesting all profits back into the services we provide.

Ferry Project, a subsidiary of Luminus, is a social enterprise with revenues of around £1,100,000 a year. The main income streams are from rents (£500,000), government contracts (£300,000) and social enterprises (£200,000).

Ferry also applies to grant making bodies and government for grants to start new services. This grant funding is used to kick-start new services until they become self-sustaining. An example of this is our emergency night shelter in Wisbech. Initially funded by a government grant, this highly successful night shelter now generates a healthy income and is on the path to becoming self-financed.

"When the Ferry Project reached out to us in 2004, we saw an opportunity to support and nurture a like-minded organisation.”
Nigel Finney, Executive Director, Luminus

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