Congratulations to Simon Cameron, who has been shortlisted for the ‘No Offence Inspirational Award’.

The No Offence Inspirational Award looks for individuals and organisations that are creating opportunities for people with convictions to change their lives for the better. Focusing particularly on those individuals who have been through the justice system themselves and go the extra mile in turning their lives around and supporting others to do the same.

Ex offender Simon has learnt from his mistakes and wants to repay society for his past. Simon was nominated by Ferry Project, a charity within Luminus group who gave Simon a perfect opportunity to turn his world around. Simon works as a support worker for Ferry Project, ‘helping the homeless with love and support towards independence'. Ferry Project feel Simon is a dedicated member of staff and a true inspiration to Society.

Getting on with his own life is not enough for Simon, he wants to support others and show them no matter what challenges you face, there is always hope. Simon has inspired many ex-offenders and helped them change their lives for the better. Not only does he help those affected by crime, he also gives talks at local schools to influence young people and help them learn from his mistakes.

It takes people like Simon to improve world in which we live in. Not many people will be willing to not only turn their own life around but to support others too. Winning this award would mean a lot to Simon and the people he has supported. If you believe Simon is worthy of this award please vote by visiting