Due to terrible weather conditions on Sunday 10 August, the annual Wisbech Rock Festival, which was to be held outside that day in Wisbech Park, was facing imminent cancellation – until Ferry Project came to the rescue to offer its Queen Mary Centre to host the event indoors.

When organisers of the event realised that it could no longer take place in the prearranged location due to health and safety reasons created by the weather, they called upon Ferry Project’s Queen Mary Centre an hour before the event was due to start to see if they would be able to accommodate the festival.

Despite the last-minute nature of the request, the Queen Mary Centre came to the rescue and Nicola Knowles, Ferry Project Community Centre & Catering Events Coordinator, was the hero of the day who single-handedly coordinated all events from the venue’s side, which was in addition to another weekend event that a number of staff were already supporting.

The festival turned out to be a huge success, with seven rock tribute acts playing and hundreds of people in attendance, including Mayor of Wisbech, Councillor Michael Hill. The Mayor gave a short speech, announcing that the Centre is officially open and available for a variety of events.

Nicola Knowles said of the event: “I am used to working on weddings and usually have 1 or 2 years to prepare for the event! So when I took the call I was a little apprehensive at the speed in which the decision was required. That said, I could see how desperate the situation was and I really wanted to help. I was excited by the prospect of over 500 customers enjoying our amazing facilities here at the QMC and I felt confident as the organisers were well prepared. It was an amazing event and the music sounded fantastic. The venue really worked and everyone had so much fun. The organisers were so pleased that they discussed provisionally booking again for next year’s festival.”