Luminus Ferry Project, an award-winning social enterprise and registered charity that helps homeless people in Fenland, hosted a special event on Friday 23 October as part of Black History Month in Wisbech.

Held at Octavia View, the event was sponsored by the Kenyan Tourist Board and was the first of its kind in Wisbech. A whole host of activities and entertainment were on offer, including poetry, live music and exceptional food. Kenyan born story teller Usifu Jallo sung, and played the drums whilst telling an exciting range of stories.

Luminus Ferry project Director, Keith Smith, said of the event,

“We were honoured to host this event as part of Black History Month in Wisbech. As a community service provider, we care deeply about the themes of equality and diversity that this event promoted.

It was a wonderful and enriching evening full of unique performances, and was a great opportunity to promote cultural diversity, and cohesion within our community.”

It is hoped that this will be the first of an annual series of events that celebrate diversity in Fenland.