Ferry Project has produced an array of informative guides to our services and performance statistics that are available for you to view and download.

  • Core Services

    Ferry Project Case Studies 2016 .pdf 1.0M
    Night Shelter - Fact Sheet 2016-17 .pdf 513.3k
    Night Shelter - Fact Sheet 2014-15 .pdf 764.6k
    Clarkson House Hostel - Fact Sheet 2014-15 .pdf 729.0k
    Night Shelter Fact Sheet 2013 .pdf 436.1k
    Help for Migrant Workers .pdf 34.3k
    Ferry Project Night Shelter Case Studies .pdf 1.2M
    Night Shelter Fact Sheet 2012 .pdf 725.0k
    Clarkson House Fact Sheet 2012 .pdf 708.1k
    Clarkson House .pdf 1.2M
    Our Services .pdf 1.5M
  • General Information

    History of Octavia view .pdf 1.7M
  • Other Services

    Octavia’s Weddings Brochure .pdf 2.0M
    Queen Mary Centre - Guidence for Room Hire .pdf 857.2k
  • Press Articles

    Inside Housing - Support Team of the Year & You are where you live .pdf 1.1M