The Ferry Project could not continue our work without the generous donations it receives. 

Save the Wisbech Night Shelter

Our night shelter, a key local service Ferry Project provides to around 150 homeless people a year, is facing temporary closure unless it can raise sufficient funds to stay open.  It currently costs £40 a night or £280 per week to provide care, support and accommodation for one homeless person. 

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Donate Now

£12 provides a bed, breakfast and supper for 1 person for 1 night

£15 provides support and advice to a homeless client looking to get their life back on track

£20 provides a set of clothes for 1 person

£89 provides 7 nights at the shelter including 2 meals a day, toiletries and a load of laundry for 1 person



Regular giving

If you would like to set up a monthly direct debit, please go to our Virgin Money Giving page. To set up a standing order, please call our office on 01945 429300.

£2 provides 1 person with breakfast and supper for 1 night

£5 provides toiletries and laundry for 1 person

£10 provides a bed for 1 person for 1 night


We invite donations of food parcels, money, clothing and toiletries to help support our work.

Cash Donations

Ferry Project is a registered charity so cash donations are always very gratefully received. Donations help towards the running of the Clarkson House and the Night Shelter.

To make a donation click here or call 01945 429300.

Material Donations

Ferry Project is in constant need of toiletries, towels, blankets and clothes to issue to clients. Please call us on 01945 429300 for more information, alternatively you can bring your donations to Ferry Project in Wisbech.

Food Parcels

If you would like to donate a food parcel or commit to a regular delivery please call us on 01945 429300 for more information.

Cash & Cheque donations

100% of all cash and cheque donations will go to providing care and support for Ferry Project clients. Please call us on 01945 429300 for more information.