A.C was referred to the employment and education service early in 2020 as he had been rehoused by The HUB. A.C found himself homeless and jobless during the Covid-19 outbreak, he had been evicted from his residence due to the fact he was not getting any work on his zero hour contact.

A.C had many complex support needs, including:

  • Drug dependency
  • Homelessness
  • Poor mental health
  • Not being registered with any health service
  • ADHD

 A.C needed support and encouragement to gain additional life skills:

  • To improve mental health and wellbeing, including accessing support from a health service for his mental health
  • Engaging in the support provided by CLLD
  • To gain suitable and sustainable employment

A.C was supported in registering with a local GP service so the doctor could begin to deal with his poor mental health. The outcome of this was to address his mental health issues by securing appropriate medication and a referral to Prism for his ADHD. The client was supported with applying for settled status so that he could apply for universal credit. This was granted which meant he could have access to government funds. 

A.C also needed assistance in contacting agencies to sign up for employment; until his funds were awarded he had no access to money to buy credit for his phone. We therefore supported the client by using the internet and allowing access to a telephone to call agencies. A.C was then offered an induction from an agency working at a local warehouse, he already had work attire from his previous job. After successfully completing the induction A.C was offered the job and provided with a start date.

A.C has now been successfully employed and is being supported in obtaining independent housing. This will also have a legal letting contract to prevent the client being put into a situation which could lead to him being made homeless in the future.


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