E.P is a middle-aged man who came to the Ferry Project in November 2019. He referred himself to The HUB and from there moved into the hostel.

E.P was a professional man whose relationship and career had broken down, leaving him homeless and feeling very vulnerable. He was neglecting his physical health, and his emotional and mental health was suffering. E.P didn’t feel able to resolve any of his problems and eventually he began to think about ending his life. After a short stay in hospital, E.P came to the Ferry Project.

He says, "All I knew was what I had seen on television and read about being homeless.  I really didn’t know anything about the Ferry Project".

E.P remembers that, from the moment he came into the Ferry Project, he was welcomed and treated with kindness and respect.  He says, "I just thought it was a place that gave you a bed for the night but it’s much more than that. I knew I didn’t want the life I was living; I wanted and needed to change, and I knew everyone was doing their best for me".

In E.P’s first meeting with his key worker he was very emotional but, together, they started to identify where E.P needed support and how he was going to achieve the change he wanted. They quickly built a trusting and respectful relationship and E.P was completely committed to all the support that was offered. He made the decision to engage with the Ferry Project’s counsellor; he also got involved in the volunteering program, as well as befriending and supporting other residents and actively involving himself in daily life in the hostel.

E.P also met former clients who had completely changed their lives after coming to the Ferry Project; he was so encouraged by their successful journeys that he had complete faith in the support he was offered.

After three months, E.P had already made so many positive changes that he was offered move-on accommodation. He wasn’t quite ready for work and a fully independent life, but he was ready to accept a reduced level of support and to live outside the hostel. Whilst in that accommodation, E.P was an important part of the community, continuing to befriend and support others.

Nine months after coming to the Ferry Project, E.P was helped into independent accommodation and, soon afterwards, he successfully applied for a permanent job.

He says: "You supported me when I needed it and I will always be thankful to you".


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