VV a 57 year old socially isolated Lithuanian who was originally being supported by The HUB with homelessness prevention, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The HUB was able to support him through preventing illegal eviction by liaising with FDC, attending medical appointments, signposted client to relevant services (Macmillan) providing translation services meaning he would understand treatments, his diagnosis, and how he would be supported, which helped to avoid hospital stays.

Together with Macmillan we have organised end of life care for when VV would pass as he only had 3 months to live.

By cooperating with Macmillan we managed to get VV onto stronger medication that allowed him to rest and walk easier again.

The HUB was also a place he could come if he felt he just wanted to chat or be around people.

VV took the decision to return to his homeland, and by working closely with CEEHP we were able to help facilitate this by using the re-connection fund.


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