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25 January 2024

Severe Weather Emergency Provision

As the winter sets in and the weather gets colder, Ferry Project has a big role to play in keeping the homeless of Wisbech and the Fenland safe.

Our charity supports over 300 people a year with homelessness and homelessness prevention. As temperatures drop, it is vital that those sleeping rough come off the streets overnight to avoid the extreme risks that the cold poses. Hypothermia and other health issues can, and often are, fatal to those without a warm place to stay during winter.

To combat this, alongside our partners, Ferry Project is involved with Severe Weather Emergency Provision (SWEP). We are able to provide up to 8 safe and warm spaces for rough sleepers to stay for the night. During December 2023, Ferry Project took in 20 people on the coldest nights. We were able to help 17 with longer term, sustainable supported outcomes by working with other organisations, local businesses, and initiatives. This means that those people are no longer facing the same situation with the cold January weather.

For those that come in, they have an opportunity for support, with a broad spectrum of services including health, finance, addiction and benefits but most importantly the chance to speak to someone who understands.

As we face ever changing weather conditions throughout the year, Ferry Project will continue to run this vital provision to keep homeless people in Wisbech safe

Severe Weather Emergency Provision


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