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12 June 2023


My name is Dave, and I am a former client of the Ferry Project. I had lived in the hostel before moving to more independent ‘move-on’ accommodation. However, I quickly decided instead to move in with my boyfriend.

When our relationship broke down, I had no place to go and ended up living in a tent. This wasn’t great for me, particularly as I have diabetes; a challenging condition to manage at the best of times, let alone when you’re living in a tent 24/7.

I knew I needed help, and rang up the Ferry Project for advice. They offered me a safe place to stay in their emergency accommodation, and from there supported me in registering with a GP, accessing benefits and budgeting well. Staff also helped to support me with my mental health, and I was provided with food, clothes and toiletries whilst staying there.

As a result of their help, I have successfully filed a PIP application, accessed support for my diabetes, and secured a place on a counselling course at a college.

The overall experience has taught me that life has many ups and downs. Luckily, the Ferry Project has been there for me through all of them.

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