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10 October 2023


My name is Tom. I arrived at the Ferry Project in March 2020. I was known to the service as I had already stayed in the hostel for a short while several years before.

When I arrived, I met Hub staff. They interviewed me and listened to me. I have educational needs due to my ADHD, and know I can be easily led into criminal activity which meant I spent some time in jail. Now I was on probation and needed somewhere to stay.

I had a family member living nearby and he use to visit me often.  There were lots of arguments amongst us which made the Ferry Project staff concerned, but I assured probation and my key worker that I was ok and enjoying spending time with my family.

I signed up to the employment programme to receive support in gaining skills to become work ready.

In May 2021 I made the decision to move in with my family member, which causes a lot of concern amongst the support workers and probation staff. I am grateful that they continued to monitor my wellbeing as best as they could even after I had moved out.

In July 2021 I arrived back at the Ferry Project in a terrible state. I left my family members home due to violence. I was being asked for a lot of rent and I was also concerned about the drug activities that were taking place at the property. I felt like a prisoner whilst living there!

The Ferry Project gave me food and a hot drink and they also contacted the police. They arranged for my personal belongings to be collected from the property and I moved back into the Clarkson House hostel.

The first few months were difficult for me as I was scared that my family member would attack me. However I slowly began to relax and feel safe again.  

Probation and my Ferry Project key worker met on a regular basis to discuss my progress and any appointments that were needed to be attended. Gradually over the next few weeks with a bit of hard work and determination, along with the support I was receiving from my key worker, employment worker and probation, I found a routine and some stability.

I attended courses frequently, upskilled my employment history and I also attended a counselling service as well as attending all my probation meetings.

But sadly, around October time, I started to slip into old habits. I began lying and getting involved with old friends. This behaviour was challenged by staff and after various meetings I agreed to change my ways.  

I have now kept up this change for the last four months and I am coming to the end of my probation. I am continuing to engage with my counsellor and with the employment services. I have completed a range of training which will enable me to find work.

I am starting to look for work and aiming to move into my own home.

Thank you to the Ferry Project Team and the probation service for all they have done to help me get back on my feet again.


(Tom is not his real name – name changed to help protect anonymity)


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