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03 November 2023


My name is Oliver. I’ve known the Ferry Project for quite a long time, since I stayed in their hostel a few years ago. But I’ve always found managing money hard because I struggle with my memory sometimes. This meant I ended up getting evicted because I didn’t pay my rent.

They never held it against me though, and when I needed their help again a while later they welcomed me back with open arms. I stayed in their emergency accommodation for a bit before I was given a room in the hostel.

Whilst there, Ferry gave me a support worker who I met with often. They worked with me to make a budget plan and to apply for a new bank card after I lost my last one. They also helped me to arrange GP appointments to tackle my memory problems. My mental health was bad too, and I struggled with alcohol issues, so Ferry Project worked with the GP and the NHS to allow me to get the right support through their services.

I like the hostel, but it has always been my goal to find a home of my own again. So, my key worker is helping me to make a HomeLink application, and make sure I find the right accommodation for me.

Everyone has been very encouraging, and it feels like people really care about me and believe in me again. When you’ve been homeless before, you know what it feels like to have no one in the world that cares what happens to you. Ferry Project has given me the kind of love and support I haven’t been shown in a long time.


(Oliver is not his real name – name changed to help protect anonymity)

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